Our Car

             Engine SMG drag Subaru
  First test run at Santa pod raceway doing demo runs at Flame and Thunder
We turned up on Saturday morning bright and early, the track guys at Shakespeare were still preping the track due to moisture reacting with the glue. At about 1.30pm we had our first run, the start line guys said to take it easy as the track at the top end was a little slippery! So I set of for my first proper run in 3 years with a light launch, 9.97@150mph. Car ran fine and the track was good. Got back to the pits and checked datalogs, all was good,…
9.3 run at Shakespeare county race way, street leagal. This run set the fastest mph and ET for the Jap racer days, race series. We won this series outright in 2007 also managing to set a track record for a 4 cyl 4wd car, at the Shakespeare county race track. 
This was the first rolling burnout by Steve in his Subaru at Santa Pod.
1st run of the SMG subaru at Santa Pod raceway in the HKS drag series Pro class 2007. !st year of competition with the Subaru.  
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