NEW RECORD! 3rd run faster again!

Third run to back the 8.68.

8.66 @ 157.92 mph

60ft 1.36

At this point the day was at an end, the track was to be closed for the day.

For these runs the car had undergone some improvements, we were just getting some

 data runs in making small adjustments and upping the power.

 We still had about 0.5 bar of boost to get to our target boost presure,

 but we needed to up the waste-gate spring to be able to run any more boost presure

 and still had the Nitrous to play with.

Some weeks later we did take the car to Santapod to re-calibrate the boost through data logs

 with the higher presure waste-gate spring.

This took several half track passes and then it was time for a run.

Unfortunatly this had taken its toll on the head gasket and ment it was time to call it aday.

The good news was that at the 1/8th mile track we had run 0.3 seconds faster and about 6 mph faster

 just under 136 mph @ 5.1 seconds.

I let off the power just after suspecting there was an issue and still ran an 8.8 with braking. If only i had kept my foot in,

it could have been an 8.3!

We will be back at some point in the near future for another go.

Watch this space.

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