Shakespeare county raceway 16-17th october 2010

We turned up on Saturday morning bright and early, the track guys at Shakespeare were still preping the track due to moisture reacting with the glue. At about 1.30pm we had our first run, the start line guys said to take it easy as the track at the top end was a little slippery! So I set of for my first proper run in 3 years with a light launch, 9.97@150mph. Car ran fine and the track was good. Got back to the pits and checked datalogs, all was good, launch was .3 bar. Raised nos jets to about 40hp for a slightly harder launch. Back to the fire up lane and rain, too much for the track guys to clear before 6pm and the day was finished!

Bright and early start again for the Sunday, fired the car up, got the oil upto temp, quick check on the transbrake to confirm our boost for the launch .93 bar, a bit to much but we can keep the revs down and aim for about .5 bar. First proper run with a mild burn out, launch felt faily mild but the car felt great, pulling real hard no grip issues and as clean a run as I could hope for, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Checked datalogs all looked very good coolant temp across the line 68 degrees c, 1.9 bar boost. Simon had pre done some gestermaps x4 for use with the cal switch which I must say were near as damn perfect. Getting a bit excited thinking thats a good time for only a shade of the power we have to play with, all of us eager for another run. More sensible size burn out, ready for a harder launch and more boost on the run, raised nos to cut out at 5800 rpm was on 5200, so no gas except for the launch, launched real hard.....and a broken cv. Have to say the Syvecs ecu with combination of other parts worked great, still can't beleive how clean the run was, great work from Pat on the configeration and initial map, and great work from Simon with his gestermps.

Left us feeling very confident and very eager to get out again in two weeks hopefuly.
I've looked at the cv problem and it would seem the driveshaft needs to be longer, not a week cv just not enough of the cv in the outer housing when the car launches and the driveshaft angle changes.
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