Machine Shop Services

 Here at Roland Alsop's we have been for the past 45 years, machining engines from single cylinder all the way through to twelve cylinder V engines. We machine every day road car engines and maximum effort race car engines. All prices are plus VAT. 

Here is a selection of some machining services we offer:

 Rebore 4 cylinder block and diamond hone finished with plateau brushes.

 From £120


Rebore 6 cylinder block and diamond hone finished with plateau brushes.

From £140 


Rebore V8 block on roll over fixture and diamond hone finished

 with plateau brushes. From £250 


Surface 4 cylinder engine block. From £45


Surface 6 cylinder engine block. From £55


Surface V8 engine block on roll over fixture. From £150


Surface 4 cylinder, cylinder head. From £30


Surface 6 cylinder, cylinder head. From £40


Balance rotating assembly with print out

on our Hines Domintor NASCAR machine.


Front pulley


Clutch cover

From £120 


Balance V8 with counter balance wieghts including

Con-rods and pistons, with print out. From £250


Balance Pistons. From £30


Balance Con-rods end to end. From £40


Reface flywheel. From £30


Lead free conversion. From £16 per seat


Stone valve seat. From £3.50 each


3 angle machine seat on Rottler. From £7.50 per seat


Full cnc profile seat cut, on Newen BB contour. From £13 per seat


Reface valves. From £1.50 each


Replace valve guides. From £45 per head


Diamond hone valve guides. From £45 per head


Reface / regrind brake disc's. From £15 each


Subaru rear thrust bearing conversion. POA


Sleeve blocks. POA


Machine rod clearance on Subaru block

for strocker crank conv. POA


Subaru 14mm stud conv to block. POA


Verious stages of cylinder head porting. POA


Port, flow bench development work

air flow and velocity measurments. POA


Diamond hone cylinder blocks. From £45


Media blast / shot blast parts. POA


Presure test cylinder heads. From £60


Regrind crankshaft. From £60


Many other services available please contact us with your requirments.


       Some pictures of work machined at Roland Alsop



   Cosworth block sleeved with custom top hat Ductile liners

   Finish bore 94mm



  Combustion chamber modified and port work with cnc valve seat profile



  Cylinder head machined for camshaft lobe clearance



  Subaru block half surfaced with PCD tooling 20 ra surface finish



  VW Golf block surfaced rebored and diamond honed



  VW Golf block being Honed



  Cylinder head and inlet manifold vapour blasted










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