SUBARU ENGINE PARTS

                                                              Subaru 2.1 stroker kit        


  Subaru 2.1l stroker kit includes

  STI nitrided crank

  ACL race bearings, mains / B-end bearings

  Cosworth head gaskets 1 pair

  Con-rods, choice of Manley / Manley with bolt up-grade / Corrillo

  Mahle pistons, verious options

  Bottom end seal kit

   Prices from £1450 + VAT

  Mention this offer:

  And get your engine block rebored,

  and your engine blocks surfaced.

  For £100 + VAT                                                                                                          







                                                                subaru intake spacer


    Subaru Inlet manifold spacers 10mm double O-ring sealing, no need to use the std manifold gaskets.

    These spacers raise the inlet manifold 10mm and also aid as a thermal insulator helping prevent heat

    soak from the cyl heads to the inlet manifold.                                        

    As used in our Drag Subaru


                                                 Manley Con-rod with bolt upgrade 


  These Manley Con-rods have an up-graded rod bolt and are rated by Manley for up to 800hp engines


                                                   EJ33 Chamber and port work


                     EJ33 Custom valve train


                    EJ33 cam clearance machined


                           This process needs to be followed when high lift camshafts are used on the EJ33

                          to allow rotational clearance of the cam lobes.



                          Corrillo Subaru con-rod set for maximum effort engines!



                    Cosworth Subaru 10mm oil pump



                    Cosworth Subaru 12mm high performance oil punp



                     Cosworth Subaru air pump delete kit




                     Coswotrh Subaru sump baffle plate                              




                            Cosworth Timming belt guide



                   Cosworth Subaru Timming belt Kevlar



                  Cosworth Subaru high performance head gaskets all veriants in stock

                  from 93mm-101mm bore. 0.78mm - 1.1mm thickness



                  These Mahle pistons are designed as a direct replacment for the 2.5l engine

                 These pistons are for low milage engines in good working condition, and use the

                  original piston ring pack. The 2.5l engine has a problem with braking the ring lands

                  when power levels are raised. The crank cases do not need to be split,

                  the bottom end of the engine can be left and just a piston and pin change required.




  Mahle Box in Box pin boss pistons for extreme engines, extra cross bracing across the

  pin bosses gives extra strenght to the pin boss.

  Plus hardend top ring land. All Mahle piston have top grade

  tool steel Gudgeon pins in the Kits.

  Ask your piston supplier how much this pin up- grade would cost!



                  Supertech Subaru valve spring-titanium retainer-spring seat kit



                    Supertech Subaru stanless steel inlet valve and inconel exhaust valve kit 



                   Supertech Cam bucket and shim kit for the Subaru



                 Subaru ATI compertition crankshaft damper SFI approved for drag racing

                 We had these custom made for us at Roland Alop's



                Cosworth Subaru ultra high performance stud kit  




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