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                         Supertech Performance Pistons



   Supertech piston-pin-ring set for the Ford Duratech engine.

   Bore sizes 87.5mm, 88mm, 89mm, 90mm, 91mm 


                  Manley Ford/Mazda Duratec Con-rods

                Manley Duratec con-rods

  Here at Roland Alsop's we had these con-rods for the Duratec

  custom made for us, this performance con-rod has ARP2000 rod bolts

  RRP £400.00 + VAT



  Supertech Duratec valve spring-titanium retainer-spring seat kit



  Supertech Duratec inlet and exhaust valves



  Supertech Duratec valve guide set



  Supertech Duratech valve stem oil seal kit



  Duratec Big-end bearings lead copper high performance

  Mahle motorsopt





  Cosworth Duratec main bearing set   

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